Scope of activities


B&J Viet Duc One Member Co., Ltd. implements the entire process of a project in the field of construction including design, construction and finishing.
Based on high quality human resources, we bravely apply the most advanced technology currently in the world to resource planning, in order to optimize the process of design, construction and operation. build. B & J Viet Duc Company is committed to bringing customers and investors the following outstanding benefits:
• Strict control of human quality and safety.
• Minimize construction time.
• Maximum savings of costs and resources.
• Bringing quality products, sustainability, safety and aesthetics according to international standards.


Design is an area we focused on from the very beginning. With a staff of senior architects and engineers in the profession, B&J Viet Duc is confident in its ability to provide customers with planning options and solutions. architecture, landscape and structure according to the latest trends today, … The current fields that our company is implementing include: • Designing a pharmaceutical factory. • Design clinic, high-end dental room. • Designing works with high and special aesthetic requirements. • Design of other civil and industrial projects. • Consulting and evaluating design, interior and exterior decoration. INVEST With the available advantages as a contractor specializing in construction, design and construction supervision, along with the intrinsic strengths in both human and technical, we are completely confident when encroaching into the field. invest. B&J Viet Duc Investment – Construction Co., Ltd promotes investment in construction – design projects. We make the most of the available resources and the sensitivity of the construction business, so that we can provide our customers and partners with the highest value, most profitable projects.


Construction supervision is an inseparable part from construction work. The supervision of construction is also a “guardian” to help ensure maximum benefits and product quality for customers / investors.
Understanding that, we also implement construction supervision services with the background of human resources with more than 5 years of experience in the field of construction, especially supervision consultancy and construction. townhouse:
• Ensure that the items are constructed in accordance with the drawings, technical designs and regulations
• Monitoring of volume, quality and price of materials.
• Monitoring construction progress
• Minimize risks
• Objectivity and independence in construction supervision.