Core values

Respect, Quality, Integrity, Sustainability, Transparency and Customer orientation.


We believe that respecting customers, respecting partners, respecting colleagues means respecting ourselves. This is reflected from our daily working culture which is based on the followings:

+ Always share & provide services that are mutually beneficial

+ Always actively seeking, listening and developing the knowledge, perspective and experience of customers, partners and our employees

+ Create an environment of trust, where any idea can be shared

+ Be always ready to support


Quality is the core of development. We commit to bring highest satisfaction to customers in relation to quality and schedule of our works and products.

B&J Viet Duc One Member Co., Ltd. focuses on development of high quality human resources with skilled, dedicated and creative experts, managers and professionals. In parallel, operation procedures are continuously updated and improved in order to meet the highest demand of the market.


Our decisions are made from the desire to bring customers peace of mind and satisfaction. In all cases, we have to:

+ Comply with applicable laws, policies and regulations

+ Fulfill the commitments with customers, partners and maintain credibility

+ Require the employees’ obligation to the company’s principles and operation procedures

Our integrity is demonstrated in every action; anytime, anywhere, and to any subjects


We focus on the “green” and “sustainability” in every product and service we provide. Our principle of any design or construction projects is to bring the best efficiency by using materials and energy that minimize the human and environment impacts, as well as to create sustainable values ​​for the community and society!


Transparency is an integral part of the business development and helps the growth of a country. For us, transparency represents the respect to customers and partners.

We commit to bring transparency and honesty in everything we do, in every process and every situation. We are willing to face difficulties and challenges, listen and discuss in order to find the solutions.

Customer Oriented

Main customers are the most precious assets. We listen to understand any desire and demand in order to bring the best quality product and service for the customers’ satisfaction.

By doing so, we receive the respect, truth and confidence from our customers.